The American Bankruptcy Law Journal Prize

The American Bankruptcy Law Journal is pleased to recognize students who have earned the highest grade in a bankruptcy class at any ABA accredited United States law school. The award is known as “The American Bankruptcy Law Journal Prize”.

We are honored to award prizes to every qualified student nominated by a law professor. For the course to qualify as a ‘bankruptcy class,” the primary focus must be bankruptcy, creditors’ rights or debtor-creditor law, bankruptcy reorganization, consumer bankruptcy, LoPucki’s debtor-creditor player’s game, and bankruptcy seminars. If a professor is not sure whether a course qualifies, the professor should contact the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. More than one course at a school may qualify. However, a student may only receive the award once. Therefore, if the student has won the award in one bankruptcy course and then obtains the highest grade in another qualifying course, the award for the second course will go to the student with the second highest grade.

The award is made upon receipt by the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief of a communication from the professor in charge of a qualifying course that gives the student’s name, mailing address, name of the course and name of the school. In addition to providing the winning students with a certificate of achievement, the Journal periodically publishes the names of the award winners on the website.

Student NameLaw SchoolProfessorYear
Benjamin Siegel The George Washington University Law School Michael Baxter2024
Tristan M. ReaganUniversity of TulsaTerrence Michael2022